There is no more accurate definition of the cuisine of Domenico Colonnetta and Francesco Patti than the words “modern” and “Sicilian”. These are the precise coordinates required to understand and savour it through all five senses.

If Sicily is the theme running through the menu, from the selection of raw ingredients to the reinvention of ancient island recipes, then modernity is the guiding star for two young, curious chefs such as Colonnetta and Patti.

Their research always begins with the region and its traditions, widening to embrace influences that are both more recent and more global. The most discerning palates will recognise, in their dishes, echoes of Sicilian gastronomical culture and reflections of contemporary international cuisine, cleverly combined through the technical mastery of the two chefs.

The third dimension of their cuisine is creativity, the distinctive and totally personal signature of Domenico and Francesco. This is what drives them in their constant innovation, and makes every dish unequivocally distinctive.


Coria proposes three tasting menus, each offering a complete and satisfying sensory experience of the chefs’ cuisine.

Every ingredient is carefully selected from the region’s finest raw materials to guarantee outstanding quality and authenticity. Wine pairings are suggested to accompany the dishes, heightening their scents and flavours.

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